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ARROW Repository Day

On 14 October 2008, I attended the ARROW Repository Day held in Customs House in Brisbane. I presented on the legal issues surrounding management of data for inclusion in a repository. You can access my slides here.

Chris Rusbridge of the Digital Curation Centre in the UK also presented. Some brief notes from his talk are below. Chris was live blogging the day, so if you are interested I suggest you read his notes at the Digital Curation Blog.

Chris Rusbridge (Digital Curation Centre) – Moving the repository upstream

The resistant scholar

  • Uncertainty, risk – about copyright; about Ingelfinger Rule
  • Change
  • Too busy
  • Doesn’t fit into the way they do things now
  • Not well motivated by advantages to others
  • Little in it for them!

Research workflow

  • many different tasks in parallel
  • all different stages
  • teaching (several), research (several), writing up research, writing grant proposals, reviewing papers, administrative tasks etc

On negative clicks

Asked – how many extra clicks are you willing to make to ensure preservation of your record?

Answer – zero

Negative click repository?

Can the repository help rather than hinder?
Towards a Research Repository System? [diagram]

Maybe we could…

  • help with publisher liaison
  • support multiple authoring across several institutions
  • more permissive identity management
  • support multiple versions
  • fine grained access control
  • checkpointing
  • support supplementary data
  • provide basic data management capability
  • provide simple, cross-platform, persistent storage
  • provide some longevity
  • provide additional benefits