Remix my Lit

At both the CC Conference and the CCI Conference in June, Amy Barker and Elliott Bledsoe presented the new Creative Commons-based project, Remix my Lit.

Remix My Lit is a Brisbane based, international remixable literature project. The project aims to apply the lessons learned from music and film remixing to literature. The idea is for established writers to provide short stories under a Creative Commons licence that allows remixing, which emerging writers can then remix into new, original stories, also licensed under Creative Commons.

So far, Remix My Lit has stories available for remixing from:

  • Emily Maguire;
  • Damian McDonald; and
  • Cate Kennedy.

Remix My Lit will also be running a live literary remixing event at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival in Federation Square on 30 August.

This is a great opportunity for emerging writers interested in exploring new writing techniques and new legal rights management frameworks. For more information visit the Remix My Lit website.